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Chambers is an exploration by Dana Harel into her concerns about human fragility, love, and perseverance‐‐physically and psychologically‐‐amidst the seemingly perpetual state of conflict, destruction, growth, and construction all around us. This work offers a uniquely intimate glimpse at the artist’s new two‐dimensional landscape and figurative works, presented together with one of her deeply personal and rarely seen slip‐cast plaster sculptures. In her forms which recall antiquities, crumbling architectural elements, and human organs, we find echoes of the past and haunting allusions to the future. Despite a naive approach to process and the suggestion of ruin, a unique strength of Dana's art rests in its deceptive sophistication, and in her ultimate hopefulness. Through her work, we are invited to contemplate our own fragility, capacity for love, and in the intimacy of the gallery.        

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