KLEA McKENNA    |  Automatic Earth


Mckenna writes, Automatic Earth refers to what I see as a “blue print” that exists within nature; a plan within each organism to automatically generate a particular form or pattern that is then, inevitably flawed. I approach these broken patterns within the landscape as allegories for human emotional experience. It is where the pattern breaks that we are told something: a draught, a trauma, an interaction, the slash of a chainsaw…. a crack in the earth. The flaws in these pre-destined forms become a record of time and of labor and they tell the story of the life that made them. 

These “photographic rubbings” are a type of photogram made on traditional photographic fiber paper. They are hand-embossed imprints of earth, concrete and cross-sections of trees that are made in darkness then exposed to light and in some cases collaged together into fictional forms and large installations. They range in size from 20x24 inches to collages that are 42x42 inches to installations that are 22 feet tall. In some cases the gelatin silver prints have been toned with sepia and selenium.